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A brand new personal training client that started with us this past month asked me a really good question.

Clients don’t often ask me, it’s usually the other way around, so I was excited to hear her say, “When do we get going with nutrition? I don’t know exactly what to eat for results and I want to start out on the right foot.” Most people either “know it all” or are unwilling to change.

Which might you be?

Today I want to share the first 3 things that I try to get squared away with a brand new client, so that they can immediately begin working on the big rocks that make the most significant difference, when someone is trying to get their fitness moving in the right direction.

1. Get water in your system.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 17.33.15 People are walking around with: headaches, grumpy, hungry, tired, irregular, dry skin and eyes and don’t realize that a lot of their problem could be solved by re-hydrating their body. If you suffer from any or multiple of these symptoms ask yourself… Am I getting a minimum of 64 oz (or 8 cups) of water every day?


2. The simplified carb is ruling our diets.

Your body systems will not operate properly if you are not fueling it properly, the same way you wouldn’t expect your car to run on lemonade.

Simplified Carbs Are Destroying Our Bodies.

Sugar in many forms, boxed aCarbsnd bleached pastas, bread, crackers, chips, cookies; If its packaged and made from a large corporation with a huge line of products, it is most likely a poor quality food. That means that it will not be a high quality fuel for helping you reach the results that you want. Eating poor food choices will take longer for you to build muscle tone. Your body fat % will stay high longer. Your energy to stay active will remain pedestrian. You’ll stay sore longer, and therefore enjoy activity less. You’ll be less than you could be.

Start getting enough protein right out of the gate, in the morning paired with a complex carb and you will feel better about start your day. Heck, you might even start attacking the day, rather than whimpering about your duties ahead. Keep track of the ratio of protein to carbohydrate using a website or an app on your phone like: OR You are looking for a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/proteins/fat, as a guideline to get you moving in the right direction.

3. Set up an accountability system to help you reach your goals.

IMG_7108When you begin with me in my personal training program, this is exactly where we start together. I will be your accountability system, and I will help you set up additional accountability measures.

You will set your goals, with expert guidance, but it’s on you. You tell me how much energy you want to have, you tell me how magnificent you want to look and why. You tell me what it will feel like when you achieve those goals and more so that we can start to bring your vision to life. The more energy you give your goals and dreams the better. The more focus on the feeling you’ll have when you achieve that goal, the closer that goal comes to be.

I’m not the smart guy here, it’s science.

Tell your family, tell your friends, keep track and have a deadline. Baby steps, maybe, but consistent steps ABSOLUTELY. If you’d like to take your first step and visit with me in a complimentary strategy session simply follow the link and enter your information. Our team will reach out to you within 12 business hours (but usually much sooner), and we’ll get you moving towards the life that you deserve. Sincerely,

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