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5 Ways We’re A Different Kind Of Weight Loss Program

5 Ways Empowered Recreation Personal Training Studio is Different than Other Gyms in Renton Empowered Recreation Personal Training Studio in Renton, WA, was created because so many of our beautiful people are sitting on the sidelines of life watching, waiting for their opportunity to LIVE. Making matters worse, is a lot of fear and mis-conception […]

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Ask Any Renton, WA Personal Trainer These 5 Questions

5 Considerations To Ask Any Renton, WA Personal Trainer Before Becoming A Client A Quick and Easy Guide To Making An Informed Decision So The Outcome Is Great Results That Last A Lifetime Congratulations- you’ve finally decided that you’re due to “get in shape” once and for all. You always knew that proper eating habits […]

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Food For Thought

A brand new personal training client that started with us this past month asked me a really good question. Clients don’t often ask me, it’s usually the other way around, so I was excited to hear her say, “When do we get going with nutrition? I don’t know exactly what to eat for results and […]

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Richly Rewarding Living Vol. 1

It’s been quite a crazy summer for us at Empowered Recreation and we’ve fallen a little behind sending out our monthly newsletters.  But we’re now on track and ready to give you all the fitness and nutrition information you deserve! Inside this FUN issue of Richly Rewarding Living… Events At Empowered Recreation Welcome New Members […]

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70% Of Success

Are you someone that likes a good personal training session, but LOVES a great tasting sugar sweet cinnamony elephant ear? …like me… You sweated buckets for that cheat, right… and the drink and the dessert? I’m technically more like a ‘strength coach’ that teaches folks kettle-bells and Olympic weight lifting and dumb-bells, however, with our […]

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