Are you searching for the right fit for you with a personal trainer?

Have you been to a gym regularly, you do your routine and all, but you don’t get the strength gains and muscle tone that you’re looking for?

Do you know what to eat, but when it comes to making good choices, you often choose poorly and beat yourself up over it for days?

 If you want special treatment with a flexible schedule and a wicked effective personal training program that includes nutrition coaching, supplement protocol, accountability tracking and more, then this is the one for you.

For many people going to the gym for workouts by themselves or in large groups just doesn’t work. Everyone is different.  One-On-One Personal Training includes a program built and tailored specifically to you, building a bridge from where you are right now to where you want to go.   You’re going to save time and money to finally get the results you deserve

Ok, now that you’re starting to be able to imagine yourself successfully reaching your goals with one on one personal training here at Empowered, let me share a few of the details that are included when you enter this program:

  • Strategy Session so that everyone is aware of expectations and goals to fast track your success.
  • Functional movement screen to identify risk for injury (boring science stuff)
  • Nutrition success kit + coaching, so that you are as educated as 90% of personal trainers in Seattle area within 6 months and have the tools you need.
  • Online support to assist you with issues arising outside gym hours
  • Accountability Bubble System so that you have structures in place to hold you up in times of need.
  • In our personal training program, we teach you to crawl, swing, squat, push and pull various types of equipment and bodyweight in an injury free program that will make you bullet proof strong and wild cheetah lean.
  • Flexible Options of 2,3, or 4 personal training sessions per week, depending on your goals, motivation and commitment level.
  • Package length is determined by goals, motivation and commitment level, however we do not accept clients for less than 3 month terms.  This is for real.
  • Pricing ranges anywhere from $100-$299 per week.

In order to prevent overcrowding and sustain the optimal training environment, we accept only a limited number of clients.  If we are at full capacity then we will place you on our waiting list and contact you as soon as an opening is available.