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Already Eat Really Well? Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes

Hey, What’s going on? It’s Basket Brigade Boot Camp Season going on at Empowered Recreation each Saturday in November  at 9 am.  You can join in on the fun simply by bringing in  a can of food or any other non-perishable food item And/Or a monetary donation of your choice.  We are accepting donations up until Wednesday the 23rd, when […]

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Make a positive impact: A 3 Part Course For An Uplifting Influence On Your Enviroment

Since we weren’t able to host a self talk seminar tonight,I wanted to leave you something to work on this week. I created this 3 part course for an uplifting influence on your environment and its a perfect way to reflect on all the positive things in your life. Lets all face it. We all need […]

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Fun with neuro-plasticity and other important terms for your success.

The whole point of this series of posts is to introduce (Or Review) a few concepts that have become a big part of my personal training program at Empowered Recreation. Self-Talk, Neuro-plasticity, and Focus. Well, this may not be your first introduction to these concepts, and if that is the case… Awesome! But if it […]

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