How to Successfully ManageYour ‘Cheat Meals’ OR Turkey Day


Nobody wants to be left out or be the one sipping water while everyone else has a great time watching the game and eating all the feast.

However, you may have goals and discipline to reach them, so how do you enjoy the best of both worlds?

If you have been following along, you are now fully aware of what balanced eating is and how you can successfully get better at eating by tracking what you eat.

Let me be the expert that tells you, “You don’t need to worry about eating that pie anymore.”


As long as it is the right portion size.

And as long as you balance it with healthy fats and protein.

And as long as you prepared for it by eating appropriately the majority of the week/day.

You see?

You can do it by simply staying on track the majority of time.  A good rule is 80% balanced, portioned and on time, and 20% for variations.

Also, beware that there are obstacles that come up that could be labelled as unintentional cheats, and it can difficult to resist the food when it’s a special occasion, or a birthday BBQ, or any other event with your favorite food.

You don’t need to deprive yourself of your favorite foods or celebrations, because we all know that when you do eat a pet food again, you’re likely to gorge and go off the deep end, or you feel left out or get pressured to join the party.

If you know that you have a party coming up this weekend, or you have to go to a family BBQ, or a special occasion, then plan your week well in advance.  When you plan your entire week and eat balanced and healthy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe some cake Thursday but then Friday is great again and you even eat well on Saturday breakfast and lunch, then you can allow yourself to ‘Cheat’ at that BBQ you are going to be attending on Saturday or the Seahawks game on Sunday, it’s really not a big deal.  You ate balanced over 80% of the meals throughout the week.  That deserves congratulations.

If you are interested, I would be happy to sit with you and discuss how to put this plan into action for you, and even celebrate your success, simply shoot me an email that you would like to visit and chat about your eating habits.

Remember, just like you need to recover after training, with rest and fun times, you need to allow yourself some flexibility in the form of cheat meals as well.  One proven method is to make sure it stays a cheat meal, rather than a full day/week/lifetime of chips and dip 😉

The Guy Who Gives A Damn How You Manage Your Thanksgiving Eats,

Coach Kenny Mack

It’s important to remember that every food has their place, and so do pet foods. You can even eat your pet foods in a healthy way by balancing it out. For example if you love Doritos, try mixing it up with a healthy protein and fat, but don’t overeat Doritos. Try eating a balanced portion of it and mix it with other macro-nutrients, to get both the taste and nutrition that you need.

We have already discussed the important of knowing what you’re eating in our previous posts. If you don’t know what you’re eating, and you are just stacking on the same food that you think is healthy, then you may not be eating healthy.
So know what you are eating, read the labels, and check the ingredients to make sure that you’re eating all macro-nutrients in the right quantities. Balanced meals comprise of 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fat, that does not mean you are supposed to be eating 40% carbs, it means you need to be getting this percentage of calories from each food group.

To make the calculation easier, proteins have 4 calories, fats have 9 calories and carbohydrates also have 4 calories per gram.

Just like you need to relax after working a lot, you need cheat days as well. So make sure that you don’t let your cheat days knock you off. Since we have just given you ways that you can use to make and implement a plan that will prepare you well for your planned and unplanned cheat days.

If you are looking for further advice on anything related to your diet or workout plan, sign up for a free consultation using our form below.

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