Why do you need a Support System to Stop a Unhealthy Life Style


There is a curious flow to the human mind that continues to challenge our resolve and determination. The wind blows, and then it stops… And then it blows again.

Think of any time that you have set your mind upon a goal. Let’s put it up on a proverbial tack board and examine:

Since it’s something that we all have in common, let’s use the example of a fat loss goal of say 10 lbs.

You set the goal to lose 10 lbs of body fat and then what happens?

You get your first day of exercise in, you made healthy eating choices for breakfast lunch and dinner and then BAMMM..! You get invited to the Seahawk party over at your friend’s house tomorrow.

You’re thinking ok, no big deal, I can do this.

You wake up the next day and eat a healthy breakfast and then in all of the excitement for the game you forget about your plans to workout again that day.

You remember right before you head to your friend’s house party, but it’s o.k. you say, I’ll get around to it tomorrow. Besides, I’m still a little sore from yesterday.

Party is cracking with all your favorite snacks and dips and you’re indulging just a little, but still under control. And then they bring out the shots at halftime. You decide that just a couple won’t hurt, besides, the Hawks are winning and you’re going to get back at it tomorrow with the healthy eating and the training.

Here comes the onslaught of poor choices, because you’re having fun and right back into your old mindset that helped you get into the fitness disaster of a body that you are trying to fix.

Next day, not feeling so hot. I need a greasy burger and 2 advil please. The training and healthy eating is just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Duh, duh, duhhhh…. Monday night football game and more party foods.

Monday was a bad day. I’ll start tomorrow.

And on and on we go throughout another season of fall.

What really happened?

When you get any idea in your mind, there are sure as shit going to be obstacles that arise. These obstacles can be the reasons (ahem… excuses) that you never achieve those things you want. They become the source of your big DNF pile. DNF stands for Did NOT Finish.


If we look up at the tack board from another point of view, those obstacles that you face on the way to achievement can make the journey that much more sweet.

If you prefer to make this 10 lbs of body fat goal your achievement take 3 minutes every day, one for each action item:

1. Imagine what is possible (1 whole minute, first thing every day)

2. Believe that what is possible is possible for you (1 whole minute, right after you imagine the possibilities)

3. Go to work and make it real (Well this may take more than one whole minute, but if you make at least one minute to take action, you’re well on your way and you will want to find other minutes that you can sacrifice in the name of that goal)

This 3 minutes of discipline has the power to launch your whole life above and beyond your current obstacles and road blocks. Do you have 3 minutes to revolutionize your whole mindset and set yourself up for success and achievement?

Here is how the 3 minute discipline is setting you up to overcome the example Seahawk Gameday set back:

1. You will have a grand vision that goes way beyond the Seahawks. They aren’t paying you to be a great fan, they aren’t supporting you on your journey in any way. The parties and games and food can be fun, but they are stealing from your opportunities to create the healthier life that you want for yourself.

Spending one minute every day is more than 99% of people spend on envisioning what is it they want. Dream for a whole minute without any judgement or limits on your dreams and you will also be fueling minute number two.

2. Belief and faith in yourself is substance on the most subtle of levels. Napolean Hill wrote: Whatever the mind of men can believe, it can achieve.

A great starter exercise is to take one minute and count up all of the successes you have accumulated in your life. Ready GO! You’ll find it empowering and you will also want to spend more than one minute counting your greatness.

Surround yourself with a positive community that also believes in you. Find people who have done what you want to do and pick their brain. All of these actions will build great momentum for you to stay steadfast when the real game is on the line.

Your new found faith in yourself will be offended when they try to get you to drink or eat that crap food that tastes good but quickly turns into a fat suit.

3. Action

If you woke up that morning of the Seahawk game and took 3 minutes to be disciplined, you would have remembered and been excited about your training session and possibly forgotten the game until the last minute, rather than the other way around.

You would have already been active for at least one whole minute, which you inevitably would want to add more, rather than passing it off as one of the things that was last second and you would just put off another day.

The wind blows, and then stops. And then it blows again. Anchor yourself with 3 minutes of discipline to help you reach whatever it is that your heart desires to avoid being blown around on a whim.

To Your Best,

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