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Empowered Recreation Personal Training Studio in Renton, WA:  A Fascinating Origin Story

“You’re going to quit after today and I’m never going to see you again, huh…” I chirped, no doubt my words oozing displeasure, call it disgust.

That’s how things really got started for Lisa and Kenny together.

She’d been having a rough training session, one of those ones where it’s very tough for both parties involved.  I the trainer, was looking for her to put out some effort, she the client was just waiting for the clock to strike 4:30, when our session would end.


She tells the story a little more colorfully now, “Well you little $#!%.”

I had to prove him wrong.

Fast forward 3 months, and there is Lisa, 30 lbs weight loss and a fantastic new outlook on life that included an active lifestyle beyond the gym.

She was living again.

Just a few months later we were at lunch one day and Lisa told me I helped her change her life & she said if she had to go back and pay every penny of her life savings to feel the way she does about life now; that she would.

“It’d be worth it.”

In fact she felt so strongly that she wanted prove it, and invest in me and my talents for helping others bring about a healthy change.

…She wanted to start a fitness business with me!

We built Empowered Recreation personal training studio for empowering people with the coaching and tools that are necessary to a healthy and successful fitness overhaul.

We built a staff of 6 great people who really care about fitness and helping others achieve success in their particular goals.  Our coaches are all educated and certified and live this fitness lifestyle.  They do a great job of leading by example.

Our program and everything we do really is community based.  We’ve sponsored charity events regularly and have a lot of fun helping our charity partners such as the Boys and Girls Club of South King County, St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Basket Brigade and the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Our business is the launching pad for dreams and goals of people who want more out of life and want expert coaching and strong accountability to help them achieve success.

We aim to grow our business to a large following of “Empowered Family”.  Our community is truly a great group of advocates living and teaching people about how to live a healthier lifestyle.  People are coming in with all different backgrounds in health and fitness, but one constant trait you will find in our members is that they have a great attitude and respect for each other and each other’s dreams and goals.

It’s my favorite part of what we’ve built over these first few years.

Our mission statement for our personal training program at Empowered Recreation is:  “We empower people with programs and coaching that enhances the individual’s ability to re-create themselves as healthy, active people that live the life that they deserve.