About UsEmpowered Nation


We built Empowered Recreation personal training studio for empowering people with the coaching and tools that are necessary to a healthy and successful fitness overhaul.

Our program and everything we do really is community based.  We’ve sponsored charity events regularly and have a lot of fun helping our charity partners such as the Boys and Girls Club of South King County, St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Basket Brigade and the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Our business is the launching pad for dreams and goals of people who want more out of life and want expert coaching and strong accountability to help them achieve success.

We aim to grow our business to a large following of “Empowered Family”.  Our community is truly a great group of advocates living and teaching people about how to live a healthier lifestyle.


People are coming in with all different backgrounds in health and fitness, but one constant trait you will find in our members is that they have a great attitude and respect for each other and each other’s dreams and goals.

It’s my favorite part of what we’ve built over these first few years.

Our mission statement for our personal training program at Empowered Recreation is:  “We provide programs, resources and coaching to empower our members with a healthy lifestyle transformation.”